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We are a Benefit Corporation and Certified B Corp
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Tatjana Romanova Head of Multi Country Organization (Balkan, Baltics, CIS, Mongolia), Chiesi IMDD

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This statement is at the core of our values and behaviours

Pavlína Janovská Product Manager Primary Care, Chiesi Czech Republic

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Chiesi’s contribution to the UN sustainable development goals

+ 11.8%

2020 total revenues compared to 2019.

Mark Murphy, Account Executive, Styal, Chiesi UK

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Total workforce

53% women
47% men

Chiesi’s top six markets

Tony Petrova Office Manager, Chiesi Bulgaria

#EveryStoryCounts: Investing in the research of rare diseases to make life happen

Main Areas of Action

Chiesi Group seeks to establish an intimate dialogue with patients, their families, and caregivers to hear about real life experiences in the daily management of their pathology.
In this context, we streamlined our brand architecture based on the three areas Air, Rare, and Care. These names are inspired by the non-medical language patients use.

Products & Patients

Caring for people informs all of our decisions and shapes our ethical guidance. It is the very reason we exist.
We do everything we can to provide care that is empathic, appropriate and provides continuous treatment, even for the rarest of disease.

Rosa Horri Cano Communication and Sustainability Specialist, Chiesi Spain

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Patient centricity is our philosophy

Country insight: Brazil

Project Day Hunter to enable easier access to healthcare services to patients with rare disease

Country insight: UK

Asthma Patient Survey - to identify the psychological impacts of living with asthma.

Thais Stadnik, Sales Representative, Chiesi Brazil

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448.3M €

our investment in R&D

Our Research & Development Centers:
Our Manufacturing Centers:

Romina Osello Respiratory Technical Leader, R&D, Chiesi Headquarters

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Country insight: France

Contributing to inhaler recycling and awareness raising

Processes - Environment

We feel a profound sense of urgency to safeguard the biosphere. We therefore plan to become carbon neutral by 2030 on direct greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (scope 1) and indirect GHG emissions from purchased electricity and heat (scope 2) and by 2035 on all the other indirect GHG emissions (scope 3).
We submitted our commitment to the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi), the most solid reference framework worldwide that drives ambitious climate action in the private sector by enabling companies to set science-based emissions reduction targets in line with the Paris Agreement goals.

GHG Emissions Inventory

Yousra Choukrani, Applications Specialist, GICT, Chiesi France

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We add maximum credibility and trust in our commitment by working with the internationally recognised PAS 2060 specification process to demonstrate the value and efficacy of Chiesi’s plans, including mitigation actions, the carbon offsetting of the residual GHG emissions and the verification by an independent third party.

Our plan to Carbon Neutrality includes the following reduction targets:


of the direct GHG emissions (Scope 1) and the indirect GHG emissions associated with the purchase of electricity and heat (Scope 2) by 2030.


of absolute scope 3 GHG emissions from the use of sold products by 2035, thanks to a new low global warming potential propellant used for inhaler devices.

We designed a strategy that adheres to the most authoritative international standards, in order to reduce our emission.

350M €

invested over 5 years for the clinical testing and the industrialisation of the new low-impact inhalers.

Our actions to reduce environmental footprint
Use of Natural Resources:

We launched the campaign #ActionOverWords. An invitation to move from celebrating commitments to celebrating measurable progress in the fight against climate change

Campaign launched in May 2021: #ActionOverWords

Country Insight: Czech republic and Slovakia

Czech Republic and Slovakia move to greener offices

We scaled up our Better Buildings programme to reduce the impact on natural systems and to improve the well-being of people

LEED v4.1 EB:OM GOLD certification of R&D Centre in Parma.

Processes - People

We strengthened our internal culture in order to be more inclusive, fair and positive.
We created a system of New Values that represents the Group including all its cultural perspectives and diversities. Following the creation of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee in 2019, we established a specific Gender Equality Committee.
Furthermore, we continued to invest in training and ensured that all our training and procedures were available remotely, to meet the pandemic emergency.

Our new values have been included in all People Management processes.

Giota Giannopoulou, Respiratory Project Manager, BU Primary Care, Chiesi Hellas

#EveryStoryCounts: It ’s natural for Chiesi to put people first

Fahri Tunç, Primary Care Product Specialist, Chiesi Turkey

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Country Insight: The Netherlands

Chiesi is the first company to measure the Gender Pay Gap in The Netherlands.

Processes - Covid Emergency

Guaranteeing a safe and healthy workplace for our employees has always been our priority. Since the Covid-19 emergency was declared, the Chiesi Emergency Management teams (CEM), a dedicated task force at corporate level and in every affiliate, has constantly monitored the evolution of the situation. We put in place several contingency measures to support the health and well-being of employees, patients and partners, following guidance provided by institutions and the World Health Organisation. These actions are focused on four main areas of activity: protecting, sharing, informing, and training.

Laura Shaeffer, National Strategic Business Liaison, Chiesi USA

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Anti-flu vaccines


Molecular swabs


serological tests involving 1712 employees

Giuseppe Impellizzeri, Paola Azzeo and Katiuscia Zanacca, Global Manufacturing Division, Chiesi Headquarters

#EveryStoryCounts: We felt safer at work than anywhere else

Global Value Chain

To positively impact both people and planet, we need the support and engagement of all business partners. 2020 was the year in which we globally implemented our Code of Interdependence. The Code is Chiesi’s version of a code of conduct and has been drawn up as part of a joint initiative with our strategic suppliers. It changes the concept of a supply chain into an ecosystem, which recognises each of us as essential to the others within a process of mutual learning and co-evolution.

Discover more on:

Our Global Value Chain:


Partners and Suppliers


R&D Centers


Production Plants


3rd Party Logistics


Commercial Distributors

We implemented our Code of Interdependence at a global level:


Countries that translated the Code into their local languages and made it available on Chiesi’s local websites.

We rolled out a unique Supplier Qualification approach to all our business partners globally:


suppliers were screened through social, governance and environmental lenses.

A qualification process that incorporates sustainability parameters was rolled out at affiliate level to create a coherent governance setup and the appropriate conditions to trigger suppliers’ engagement. In 2020, the new qualification process, active at Headquarters level since 2019, was also extended to four affiliates (Brazil, France, Germany, UK), representing more than 80% of the global expenditure.

We are placing an increased attention on sourcing local suppliers within our procurement process. This will support the economic development of our communities.

Country Insight: Nordics

Produced a short film to generate Supplier engagement around the Code of Interdependence.


Global spend on local suppliers.

Xie Feng Legal, Compliance and Social Responsibility Director, Chiesi China

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Country Insight: IMDD - International Markets Development Division.

We infused the Chiesi vision, based on the Benefit Corporation goals, in our relationship with distributors and licensees.

Country Insight: Mexico

Psychological support for all through these uncertain times

Ronaldo Santos Silva Procurement Manager, Chiesi Brazil

#EveryStoryCounts: The Code of Interdependence is our big differentiator

Eunice Tang, Procurement Manager, Chiesi China

#EveryStoryCounts: We hold our suppliers to the standards of our Code

Corporate Citizenship - Ensuring continuity of medical treatment and business resilience

We are in business because we care about people, and improving their lives is our ambition. Ensuring the continuity of medical treatment supply to patients, thanks to a resilient business, is the vital purpose we aim to pursue.

Mehreen Obaid Manager Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance & Pharmacovigilance, Chiesi Pakistan

#EveryStoryCounts: "Only a life in the service of others is a life worth living” Albert Einstein

10.6M €

worth of donations and multiple in-kind support during Covid-19

Country insight: Greece

Making sure Covid-19 did not detract the importance of treatment and
support needed for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Chiesi Emergency Management (CEM) teams were set up to protect, inform and train our employees around the world

Chloë Beerten, Sales Representative, Chiesi Belgium

#EveryStoryCounts: The year of the rise of our new superheroes

Chiesi joined forces with other industry players to accelerate the Covid-19 support system

3 main focus areas driving our impact on the community
- Environment and health
- Community development
- Emergency


people involved with more than 30 local non-profit association

2 key initiatives of the Chiesi Foundation:

Judith Disbergen Office manager and PA General Manager, Chiesi Netherlands

#EveryStoryCounts: Chiesi in action for the planet!

Corporate Citizenship - Promoting a conscious and different way of doing business.

By increasing the transparency and ethical practices of business, by working with openness and transparency, and by actively and positively contributing to European and International Agenda.

360° role of the impact committee

Country insight: USA

Addressing food insecurity among students of North Carolina’s Research Triangle Region

Patrizia Dogni, Congress & Event Specialist, IMDD, Chiesi Headquarters

#EveryStoryCounts: Nature, the great healer!

ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) topics into our risk management processes

Country insight: China

Supporting children suffering from autism and heart disease

Engaged to shape a better future for people living with respiratory and rare diseases.

Wojciech Potoczek, Digital Manager, Chiesi Poland

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